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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. I'm new here so on start - sorry for my bad ENG, im from PL Ok so i need pinout or someone shoot a few pictures of that RCA connector. I trying to made myself that plug cuz i cant find that connector in poland. When i found its cost fortune... really! They want lot of money for that xD I pay for that avic less than a pair of cheap nike shoes In attach is picture how the radio looks from behind. OK nevermind i chceck that with my self ! Lets start! We need a litlle plugs that are in PC's cases, they are for a LEDs and swithes on front of pc case. I recommend plug with two pins in it because its fit and its no need to sticking one with one by glue So far i found: -Back camera in -Video Out (for e.g. external monitors) -Video in with sound L+R So, pins in radio are (-) ALWAYS on TOP and a signals i mean (+) are on BOTTOM line. See at pic, i start counting pins from RIGHT SIDE! 1. Empty 2. Video Out - ground on top pin and signal on bottom pin 3. Empty 4. Back Camera in 5. Empty 6. Empty 7.Video In 8. audio for Video in - L 9. audio for Video In - R Rest of pins are empty. In some free time i gonna look for Subwoofer Out pins. I hope that was helpful for someone If anything new i find i wil edit post. Thanks MichaƂ
  2. I have a 2000 Ford Excursion. I am installing a AVIC-8000nex. I am looking for some tips on installing this product. I am using a Metra 70-1771 wiring harness to plug into my factory harness. I am not using a backup cam at the moment. I am still trying to decide which camera to use if anybody has any suggestions. I have heard about grounding out the parking brake to get video to work while in motion.
  3. Recently installed the AR3 into my 2010 Chevy Silverado. I currently do not have the blue/white antenna wire going to anything. I too am having many of the struggles that I have read on here dealing with the connection issues. I'm using an S4/AH200 kit and my apps are grayed out. Looking into a possible MHL switch? Running Pioneers' but may try a Samsung...it's only money right?! Is switching wires my best option? Easy to be frustrated but keeping it calm/cool to try and solve this. Hoping I have not wasted $400. Thanks and hopefully you guys can save me and help me out...
  4. I purchased a backup camera (license plate frame) and have a few questions. 1. The camera came with 3 wires, RCA, ground and one to connect to the reverse lights. Is there any need to hook anything to the back of the deck besides the video input (yellow RCA cord)? Will the deck automatically switch to the camera in reverse with just having the RCA attached to it? 2. What settings should I adjust to make this work the best? Thanks for any input you guys can give!
  5. No Power!

    Hey everyone.Today i FINALLY got a chance to upgrade my AVH to an Avic z140BH. At first i tried to simply hook it up to the same power cord that I used for the AVH because it was already connected and fit the avic perfectly. For some reason I got a visual of the screen and was able to play with the functions but wasn't getting sound. so then I went through all the wires on the harness one by one and connected them to the new power cord. I hooked up my amps through the audio output cables and I heard music! here's my problem. After i heard the music, i went ahead and hooked up the gps antenna, ipod cord, and mic. I did my best to make all the wires look neat and then I put the radio back in place and left the car. When I came back and started the car i had no audio and no visual! i keep messing with it. I've re-wired it over and over, and i still cant seem to get anywhere. I checked my fuses, and one popped but i replaced it and still got nothing. Anybody else have this type of issue? working on a 97 lexus es300
  6. Help with F7010bt

    I just installed this unit in my 1997 integra the same way I had it installed in my old 96 accord. Now when I turn it on it starts up in a foreign language, the radio, GPS and mp3 work on it. It does not let me access the system settings so I can't change any of the settings. Idk what to do, I've tried grounding what I believe to be the light green wire witch is supposed to be the security one. Any suggestions?
  7. hi all,i'm looking to rewire my pioneer avic-d2 because of poor reception.i need car radio wiring diagram for my 02 toyota sequoia. thank you.
  8. Hi All, I posted a similar question in Vehicle Specific section, but no answers so far, so I'm trying here. I am ready to install an x940bt into a 2006 Mustang, Shaker 500. I have the unit, along with a Scosche FDSR harness, and a Kollertron BU Camera. and a Scosche dask Kit. My main question is how to wire the FDSR to the 940bt's harnesses. I did a Z110bt a few years ago into a 2001 Outback, which worked out perfectly. But the FDSR is a bit confusing as it has 3 plugs and an interface and 18 wire ends to connect to the 940's 16, plus 6 rca's and a mute wire. I am sure I can handle the install if I can get some input as to how to prepare the harnesses. Thanks for any help. Luck to all- Semper Fi
  9. Hi All, A few years ago I installed an Avic z110bt in a 2001 Subaru Outback, and found this site of great value in setting me on the right path.It turned out great on the first try, and is still working great. I am now getting ready to Install an X940bt in a 2006 Mustang Gt Conv. I have the unit, along with the Scosche FDSR harness, Radio Antenna Adapter, and a Koolertron backup camera. From what I understand I should splice the scosche main 14 pin plug's open wires to the 940's harness going by color. The scosche fdsr contains 3 harnesses and an interface, Is there something I should be doing with the other 2 harnesses and the interface. Is it ok to put the nav antenna under the dash?. Any ideas where to put the microphone in a convertible. Is it still neccessary with the new FDSR to wire a resistor inline of the amp wh/gr wire to prevent rebooting on high volume. Any advice is most welcome, especially about the fdsr. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, I bought a F700bt a few weeks ago. It has been a great deck. I just bought a used F900bt for another vehicle I have and i'm having issues with it. The subs worked fine with my F700bt. No when I hook the 900 into my truck the subs start pounding the minute I put power to the head unit. I have both decks working fine just having issues with the subs going off for no reason on the 900. What could be my issue? I'm guessing it is more of a hardware then a software issue. I have turned the sub function off on the 900 and it still keeps pounding. Any suggestions?
  11. Dear valuable members I own a 2007 Jeep Commander, with REJ factory navigation unit and Boston Accoustics amp. Wanted to replace the factory Chrysler/Jeep REJ navigation unit with an AVIC F930BT (alongside CA-R-CG.001 steering wheel control interface), but I have an issue. CA-R-CG.001 correctly powers on the amp, and the sound looks just incredible and powerfull for all sources (iPod, CD, FM...) But it sounds there is a problem regarding the amp/AVIC communication. The amp has no front/rear entries, just left/right. Front/rear fading is done though CAN by the factory navigation unit. Aftermarket ones, like F930Bt don't have such capabilities. The problem is very well explained on PAC website (look at point nr3 on 1st page) : http://www.pac-audio.com/PACProductData/C2R-CHY4/1_Instructions/c2r-chy4_instructions_042111.pdf Problem is: F930BT navigation instructions as well as bluetooth communications are supposed to go through the front speakers only, but as the Pioneer unit cannot ask the Boston Accoustics amp to manage fading, I just have no navigation or phone communication sound... Question is: - is it possible to ask the F930BT to provide navigation instructions as well as phone communication through ALL speakers instead of just front ones? - if not possible, how am I supposed to "Connect the front outputs of the aftermarket radio to the rear inputs of the 22 pin radio connector" with my AVIC F930BT? Thanks for you help!
  12. Hello, I'm looking for information regarding the location/color of the nearest reverse wire to Avic headunit on a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L (no nav/res). Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! Jason