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    AR3 w/appradio ext (iPhone 5)
  1. Just did a quick test after installing iOS 8 on iPhone 5
  2. AppRadio Live

    No spotify as of now. Hopefully more 3rd party apps can get incorporated. The app says iOS7 or later
  3. AppRadio Live

    Definitly needs some adjusting, I like the music and overall flow of the app and will use it for a while. This now launches for me right away when I start my car (using activator to launch on Bluetooth connect) and it bypasses the stock appradio app (so no warning message on the phone). At least we know Pioneer hasn't completely forgotten about the AR users
  4. AppRadio Live

    Just downloaded this from the app store (free for now). Pretty cool and seems a lot more intuative than the normal AR mode & EC Touch (maybe a few less features). Here's a quick video showing a few features (sorry about the quality)
  5. Sometimes the appradio doesn't sync to the radio when I set it to open on power connected, the radio doesn't see it. Usually it works, but when it doesn't I had to force close the app and start over. Not a huge deal but still inconsistent at times
  6. You can launch one app on connection of your radio (Bluetooth) using activator which will get you by one of those allow messages. I use it for pandora. After that you are on your own. I also have a swipe gesture set up to launch the appradio app which is easier than hitting allow on the lockscreen. Not ideal but helps a little.
  7. Not sure if it's just me, but since I installed this my screen has not shrunken to a smaller size. I'm using an appradio 3 with an iPhone 5 on ios7.04. Previously it would shrink every time I got an email or just randomly. Wierd but I'll take it. 2 days with no shrinking
  8. @DDub420 - any news on this? I got some stuff changed up using ifile, but obviously if you could create a less time consuming way to switch everything up that would be awesome.
  9. This works using ifile as well, so far I've just replaced my phone screen when in appmode but everything works the same, here's how I did it 1. save the photo/icon you'd like to use to your photo library on your phone 2. open ifile - navigate to /var/mobile/media/DCIM/100APPLE (or similar) 3. select the photo you'd like to use, hit edit at the top right then select your photo, hit the clipboard at the bottom right 4. navigate to the appradio app, it's kind of hard to find so you'll have to look but it was under /var/mobile/applications/517f8d64-96b6-4fc8-a1cb-ce3790007299/appradio.app 5. I would recommend adding a bookmark to these folders (appradio & photos) so you can have quick access in the future 6. paste the photo into the appradio folder 7. find the photo/icon you are replacing. For the phone display on mine it was NX120_L_IP_001_iPhone5 8. copy the name of that photo then change it (can't have 2 photos named the same thing), I add a 1 to the end of the photo so I can change it back later and know where it is 9. find the photo you pasted in there (probably under IMG_ or something similar), change the name of that to the one you copied 10. Respring and see if it worked. Worked for me so now this displays instead of the appradio icon
  10. Get the xsellize repo and pandora skips tweak. (Must be from that repo or it won't work). Haven't heard a commercial since the update
  11. Looks like we have a jailbreak for iOS7 available now, hopefully not much needs to be done to get this working with iOS7
  12. I had issues using cheap lightning to USB cables but not when using the apple charging cable that came with my phone.
  13. Backup Camera - Appradio 3

    I wired it so the camera only gets power when in reverse, I'm sure there's another way but I didn't need that feature
  14. Backup Camera - Appradio 3

    Not sure what you mean by this, it comes on anytime I put the car in reverse
  15. Backup Camera - Appradio 3

    The manual was pretty generic so I thought I'd post up what I did and maybe it will help someone in the future. Connect the camera wire from the back of the deck (should be labeled) to the reverse light in your car, I just ran a wire down the runners on the passenger side. I tested the wires in my tail light harness (moving the car from neutral to reverse) to make sure I had the right wire. Hook the wire from the actual camera into the same spot, then the other camera wire to a ground. Run the RCA to the back of the deck and it's done. I did have to switch the setting to "battery" in settings after connecting everything. Works like a charm. The hardest part was finding somewhere to run the wires from the camera to the inside of the trunk, but that varies by make/model of the car. Overall it was pretty easy to do, just took a little time