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  1. hey Rons and everyone everything i believe its the cheappo sd is the problem... its probably due to my cheap sdcard that i been using... thank you rons just to a side note I was having issue with bluetooth that's the main reason I updated... when i was on map2015 update it worked for the first few months and then all of a sudden it stopped streaming music over bluetooth. My first assumption was its because I updated my phone... few phone update later still having the same problem.... I'm using samsung s7 with my x930bt.. fast forward last two nights i was bored and looking for a resulotion. for 2 nights I been looking for an older version of bluetooth firmware. older than 3.24.. since i couldn't find one. i was like hey try updating again since i came accross this update... i tried it last night using map2017's bluetooth. since thats the only thing i can do using a crappy sd...... that didn't... so finally this morning i was able to update the main software and map.....tried updating the bluetooth again with the same result i cannot stream music over bluetooth... then agian.... i was hey one more bluetooth update.. it should hurt... finally it work... so i guess you just have to keep updating bluetooth untill it works.. maybe the update is not sticking for one time try.... I'm i might be just crazy anyways.. now i left a copy of bluetooth update on my sd just incase i have the same problem again later on..... another qick question ... seems like the x920 x930 x40 has more update or hacking thank x950... is it worth buying a x950 second hand?? thank you Rons and the 411 forum...
  2. it is an actual X930bt says on the right upper part of the head unit..... I will try different sd card... i'm using a 32GB generic card.. used it before to update to 2015 about a year ago.... and used to erased password from you helpful links too and it works.. also used it to run the script for ShortFuseScript. thanks for quick reply rons ill report back on my result
  3. just wondering if anyone can help me.... I'm running map2015.... i ran this script first ShortFuseScript.zip then unzip the Pioneer_T1000-25818 on my sdcard using password avic411s plugin my micro sd.. nothing happen... im able to upgrade my bluetooth firmware no problem though i have x930bt
  4. hello guys ?? do we have a consolidate thread where we can download all the available firmware?? reason i asked is i've seen this on other forums under sticky. I need an old and new firmware with working links? looking for older BT firmware. right now I'm on 3.24. but current having issue with media streaming via bluetooth.. i would to try other firmware old or new so that my device can stream data to each other.