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  1. OK I have just did some updates to my Z110. The first update was the 2013 and then the 2017. What I wanting to know is what model of Z do I have now? 120, 130 or the 140 so I know what manual to download from Pioneer. And one other thing is there anyway to remove the Pandora and Aha icons? I don't use them, I use a 160gb Ipod Classic for my av needs.
  2. You leave my post right where it is!!!!! And I found the problem without your sorry help!!!
  3. Ok I just don't get it. I have tried this 4 times now and still I am unable to get it to work. I'm using two SD Cards, one for the script and the other for the 2017 update. The one with the script does its thing then says done, insert upgrade. I then put in the update card and nothing happens. Now when I did the 2013 upgrade it went smooth as silk. But the 2017 is being a problem child for me. Any suggestions?
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