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  1. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Ref dzo #15 and #52 WORKED ON AN AVIC-MRZ05 following the instructions post #15 and using the .lng files PF090JPJPN.LNG and PF110JPJPN.LNG downloaded from post #52 https://github.com/d...updatemrz99.zip all is good with the menu language. d60b64fa02890436e0f82c570a895da4 PF090JPJPN.LNG 1f5b805396db05a883b822efabf0da33 PF110JPJPN.LNG Notice that I replaced also the PF090JPENG.LNG and PF110JPENG.LNG files with the same (renamed) PF090JPJPN.LNG and PF110JPJPN.LNG as I noticed that the ENG files were in Japanese and if one selected English language option during setup the text reverted to Japanese. Just to say thanks to dzo for the great instructions and hard work translating the Japanese to English and providing the updated .lng text file. As a Sys Admin I recommend following the instructions and navigating the file system manually on the stereo rather than clicking and hoping on a script but I have great respect for dzo. Will have to read this topic further but I'd like to convert the .WAV files to English but might need an interpreter.