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  1. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Much appreciated your help/ input On this been anoying me for a week now. Thanks again. Tony
  2. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Sorry missed your respnce befor I re posted. I missed the violet wire all connected now just can’t seem to find any info to sort the speed signal,wire Even nipped into local dealer found extrewmly unhelpful
  3. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Bingo well sort of Iv found my school boy error. Had another look at the wiring looms and found a sneaky violet reversing signal wire .. But I have no idea where it or the speed signal inputs connects too.. Any body els have any ideas ..
  4. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Hi thanks for the reply.. The rear cam is wired Live to reversing light wire. Grounded black So only need it on when reversing Rear light. Work ok The cam works ok when in reverse but only when I physically select it I the menu But annoyingly 7 out of 10 times is freezes on that screen and I have to hold the map button to get it running again Can’t seem to get it to auto bring on the cam when reversing ( same as my other car) different unit) The only wire left not connected on my wiring is the speed wire as I have no idea where this connects on a new vivaro
  5. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Is there a setting I’m missing..? As I have to select camera as my reversing cam does not come on automatically when reversing I have checked I have it in the right port (brown) Iv tried changing polarity. Wiring. Grounded black. Live from reversing light wire Any help greatfull received. .