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    Hey there....any chance you could seed the West disc? I've been having issues with my D3 lately and I want to try the updated disc to see if that helps....thanks!!!
  2. Got the update working GREAT in my D3! Thanks Vandal! Not having logo's has been bugging me since the change on May 4, now I have logos! Thanks!
  3. Custom XM Station Logos

    Ok, I had my wife's Tahoe yesterday and I haven't upgraded her D3 to the 2008 maps yet, so her 2007 disc was in and about half the logos that don't work that I listed above, work even with the new channel assignments and names. So what I did was take the lines from the 2007 IMAGETBL.DAT for the channels that work, and copy and pasted them into the newer IMAGETBL.DAT that I attached earlier. However, it was late and I wasn't able to test the disc last night and this morning on the way to work, I got a disc error, so I'll have to re-burn it tonight when I get home from work. Also I think some Sirius/XM employees are reading this thread and messing with us with the channel names...."Mix cm" is now "Mix-22 cm", "Sirius XM Love" is now "Love" and "SIRIUS XM Pops" is now "Pops". Causing those logos not to show up I sure wish they would pick a name and leave it!!!!
  4. Custom XM Station Logos

    Haha yeah, but I guess I'm a weirdo since no logo's bugs me....evens bugs my wife in her Tahoe, although obviously not as much as me
  5. Custom XM Station Logos

    Here's the XMDPS Folder I have.....it is identical to the one bggull posted yesterday with the addition of 54, 116, 152, 155 and 158, which I added. Although 155 and 158 don't work 54, 116 and 152 do work If we can get all the channel logos to work, I'll be happy to make the XMLPS images for the list view XMDPS.zip
  6. Custom XM Station Logos

    Ok, here's the IMAGETBL.DAT I have so far....I took the one WwRGSwW posted yesterday and did some more editing and got some more channel logos showing, but still having trouble IMAGETBL.DAT
  7. Custom XM Station Logos

    Ok, after testing my disc, I can't get these stations to display their logos 25 The Blend 28 Escape 33 Praise 34 enLighten 35 Holly 39 Led Zeppelin 47 Alt Nation 51 The Coffee House 52 xL Faction 55 Margaritaville 56 Jam_ON 57 Grateful Dead 58 E Street Radio 59 Undergrnd Garage 67 xL Hip-HopNation 68 The Heat 72 Spa 75 On Broadway 76 Cinemagic 77 SIRIUS XM Pops 78 Symphony Hall 79 Met Opera Radio 85 Caliente sp 86 The Joint (Displays Howard 101 Logo) 88 Air Musique fr (Displays Howard 100 Logo) 89 Sur La Route fr (Displays Sports Play By Play Logo) 95 XM Scoreboard (Displays Sports Play By Play Logo) 96 Canada 360 97 Cal Sportif fr (Displays Sports Play By Play Logo) 119 Doctor Radio 121 Fox News Channel 122 CNN 125 Quoi De Neuf fr 126 CNN espanol sp 134 NPR Now 136 Fox Business 139 xL Stars Too 143 Sports Guide 145 IndyCar Racing 148 xL Blue CollarRad 149 xL The Foxxhole 155 xL SIRIUSXMStars 158 America's Talk 159 ATN Radio 160 ReachMD (Displays Led Zeppelin Radio Logo) 163 Book Radio 164 RadioClassics 168 Fox News Talk 171 Open Road 172 RadioParalellefr 173 WLW 700 174 MLB Espanol sp 180,181,184,185,186,187,188,189 MLB Play By Play 190,191,192 ACC 193,194,195 Pac-10 196,197,198 Big Ten 199 SEC 204 NHL Home Ice 205,206,207,208,209 NHL Play-By-Play 230 Miami 231 Big 12 232,233,234,235,236 NBA Play-by-Play 237,238,239,241,242,243,246 Sports Play-By-P 247 Emergency Alert
  8. Custom XM Station Logos

    Well, on the way to work today, most of the logos showed up using the IMAGETBL.DAT and PIM's that were posted yesterday....I guess XM had a little trouble with the station ID's last night....saw it on a couple other XM Radio forums
  9. Custom XM Station Logos

    well, I got the images and table burned (thanks to those who have posted the images and table) but when I went out to my truck to test them, I swear over half the stations had reverted back to thier old name!!!!! WTF??!?!!
  10. Sirus XM Logo changes

    Any chance you know what the title of that thread is or have a link to it? I can't seem to find one where it goes into detail on how to change the table using a hex editor
  11. Sirus XM Logo changes

    Sweet! So are you gonna try and update all the music channels? Back when the 2008 disc's came out, I tried editing the table and downloaded new logos for every channel that was missing a logo, but was unsuccessful I hope you can get it to work, since not having logos is bugging me!