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  1. Hi there ! I know many year passed, but I've got a car having the 700 unit that was not booting at all. I was able to give it Service Mode but only that. I could no-longer find the exact files in this post, so I had to "shop around" for similar. When loading the 2 Win CE files, it reads it from the SD and writes it to the memory, but after reboot I have just black and white horizontal lines (see picture) My questions are 1. Do you still have the full compatible package of files for AVIC-F700BT (at least to be sure I'm using the correct version). I need US version. 2. Do you have any idea how to go further with Test mode and get rid of this horizontal lines ? (not much on web on this problem). I think is software issue, not electronic stuff (like negative born etc, as the Service blue screen is beautiful ) Thanks in advance for your answer and for the files ! Bogdan