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  1. new 8200NEX - no sound using RCA

    I did the reset and the firmware update, taking it apart and checking the internals seems a bit extreme at the moment
  2. AVIC-8200nex no output from preamps

    Ive had this receiver for a few months in my truck but wasnt using the preamp RCA connections and it works great. I just swapped it into my car that uses the regular speaker connections to drive a few small surrounding but then uses the pre-amps to drive the main speakers through an amp, nothing is coming from the pre-amps on the stereo. I get sound from the normal harness speaker connections driving the small surround speakers, but nothing from the front and rear preamps. ive tested the rca's on the car side and I can drive them with another source so I know the connections are good and the amp turnon wire is working, and I've connected the stereo to another speaker and no sound. I cant find any settings that turn them on and I cant find any fix, anyone know whats going on?
  3. new 8200NEX - no sound using RCA

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue, moved it to my car that I need the preamp's and they dont output anything