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  1. I have already asked to him. Thanks
  2. Hi @asd255 I have also asked to you in PM , do you think will you be able to port Andoid Auto also in F980DAB? Or do you think this will be impossible forever? Thanks Regards Rinpe
  3. Sorry, what does hack mode \ test mode mean?
  4. Rinpe


    Hi, I have this radio but I see is not too much compatible with Android phone. Is it possible do do some modification in order to at least have te Auto Android on it? I have seen in the play store of Android apps there is an app that could have a feature of mirror link on a similar radio (but not this one because without HDMI connector and in my case also my Android phone is without MEL feature, the application name is APPRadio Unchained Rootless). Can you tell me if is it possible to do little things at least to do a little more compatible the radio with Android phone?
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