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  1. I am trying to update my maps and cannot get toolbox to recognize the drive. I have updated them before 3 years ago, so I am familiar with the procedure, it's just not working this time. I've been exchanging emails with customer support but no success yet. I have an AVIC7000NEX. Here are the steps I've taken.... The synctool works just fine, I'll insert a blank USB drive that's been formatted to FAT32 into my unit and it successfully places a "synctool" folder on the drive. When placing this drive into my computer, toolbox does not recognize it, but the computer does. I've uninstalled and reinstalled toolbox. I have tried the same steps on three different computers, two running Windows 7, one Windows 10. I know the drive needs to be at least 8GB, but for the hell of it I've tried 4GB, 16GB, and 32GB. I even tried a micro SD card with a USB adapter that was 8GB. Last email they wanted me to send the log file (again) from toolbox. I sent them two, one from a Win 7 computer and the other form Win 10. Any ideas?