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  1. Avic 6000nex locked

    I believe the way to do it is via test mode, other option is to contact Pioneer directly.
  2. ebay maps

    That's the same seller I went with. They were great for the US maps, so you should have had no issues. Maybe it was on your end? Was the USB formatted to FAT32? Used port USB1? USB2 won't work. Earlier this year I did have issues with the USB even being read. I had done updates before, so I knew the steps but wouldn't work regardless. Turned out to be a license issue, check out this thread for more details.
  3. Gps antenna problem detected

    Should be fine as long as you used the provided metal sheet under it. Mine sits outside of the dash in the center, against the windshield and doesn't look bad imo Have you tried the reset?
  4. Gps antenna problem detected

    Where is you antenna located? If it's inside the dash, sometimes it can shift around and if metal interferes you can get that error. Or if the cable got pinched. Hard reset as in putting a paper clip through the reset hole? On yours, it's on the top left, next to the eject button.
  5. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    YES! Sorry for the late reply, but that was my issue as well. They had me delete log files but nothing worked. Ultimately it came down to these licenses I had to remove: Russia_RDS_TMC_.lycPioneer_Primo_UW_13Q2_NQ_base_ExtPOI_AP_3D_DEM_HNR_TTS_JV_CAR_CS_Mid_NX264_3.lycPioneer_maps_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2016_Q3.lycPioneer_maps_for_NA_SKU_2009177_FACTORY_PKG_2014_Q4.lycPioneer_LMG_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2017_Q1.lycMega_Free_1_Year_Update_FEU_NQ_2017_Q2.lyc I suspect that part of the issue may have been updating my maps in the past from eBay.
  6. ebay maps

    Yes and no. US maps worked fine, but were not the most up to date. If you go through naviextras they will be newer by maybe a year at the most on some so no big deal. Installation takes a bit and you gotta be comfortable doing the steps. Read them first, THEN do them. A mistake can and will brick your device. I tried to get Mexico maps to work, and it was a nightmare. The seller did try their best to their credit, but it just wasn't possible. Had to go through naviextras support. Plus had to do some file cleaning myself. By this point I was able to navigate in test mode comfortably and delete files myself. I had to get it back to "factory" so support wouldn't suspect foul play. Pioneer and Naviextras ultimately confirmed that it was a limitation with the unit and iGO, which makes no damn sense since I can get Canada just fine. I got over it. LPT: Contact Naviextras support for something, it doesn't matter for what. When they reply, they'll be a 20% off coupon in their signature. Applying the code was a pain, I don't remember why, just recall that it wasn't as simply as paste the code and apply. That may be different now. Prepare to pay full price and get the discount refunded. If you just need US, go for the eBay option, probably the least amount of hassle. Not familiar with gpspower, but looks promising. Free, but bigger learning curb is my guess. At least the seller gives you a set of instructions that will work.
  7. I am trying to update my maps and cannot get toolbox to recognize the drive. I have updated them before 3 years ago, so I am familiar with the procedure, it's just not working this time. I've been exchanging emails with customer support but no success yet. I have an AVIC7000NEX. Here are the steps I've taken.... The synctool works just fine, I'll insert a blank USB drive that's been formatted to FAT32 into my unit and it successfully places a "synctool" folder on the drive. When placing this drive into my computer, toolbox does not recognize it, but the computer does. I've uninstalled and reinstalled toolbox. I have tried the same steps on three different computers, two running Windows 7, one Windows 10. I know the drive needs to be at least 8GB, but for the hell of it I've tried 4GB, 16GB, and 32GB. I even tried a micro SD card with a USB adapter that was 8GB. Last email they wanted me to send the log file (again) from toolbox. I sent them two, one from a Win 7 computer and the other form Win 10. Any ideas?