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  1. Hoping someone (Heli_Guy?) can create a background for a Ford F150 like the last one here: Except using the following emblem instead of that newer F150 badge emblem. Also one with just the Ford blue oval centered up would be cool too. Thanks!
  2. Ford F150 background request

    You are the MAN dude! Got a paypal addr I can "buy you a beer" on? Feel free to PM me.
  3. Hey boss. That topic we were posting on seems to be closed so I can't reply there.  I did locate another badge image that should work I think... s-l1000.jpg

    Maybe if you could do two backgrounds... one that has this F150 badge and one that just has the Ford logo all centered up?  Let me know if you want me to make this request elsewhere.  Thanks!

  4. Custom Backround Request

    I have the older style logo (2004) so perhaps this would work? https://i.ebayimg.com/images/a/(KGrHqF,!o8FBkd2ctLCBQfzm-HieQ~~/s-l300.jpg This newer rendition of the logo would be a good option if that first one doesn't work... https://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200712/new-2008-ford-f150-l_800x0w.jpg If the quality on that 2nd one is suspect maybe this one? http://image.motortrend.com/f/auto-shows/ford-updating-f-150-logo-along-with-truck-at-detroit/7908107+w700+cr1+re0+ar1/2009-ford-f-150-logo.jpg
  5. Custom Backround Request

    That looks fantastic! Can you do an F150 version (maybe with "Lariat" instead of "SuperDuty")?