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  1. Hey boss. That topic we were posting on seems to be closed so I can't reply there.  I did locate another badge image that should work I think... s-l1000.jpg

    Maybe if you could do two backgrounds... one that has this F150 badge and one that just has the Ford logo all centered up?  Let me know if you want me to make this request elsewhere.  Thanks!

  2. Custom Backround Request

    these are too small to work with, try to find bigger and higher quality
  3. Custom Backround Request

    Couldn't find a good F-150 logo except the one below, if you find a good one with "Lariat" give me its link
  4. Audi A4 Convertible Background

    What did you have in mind?
  5. Custom Backround Request

    800x480 should work, maybe you didn't resize or crop it correctly Try these and see if it work.
  6. Custom Backround Request

    According to the resolution is 800x480, so I resized and cropped the image to that resolution, working now on the collage.
  7. Volkswagen background for pioneer avic-z140bh

    Read the radio's user manual, it's explained there.
  8. Custom Backround Request

    You're very welcome. Cheers.
  9. Custom Backround Request

    I could not find a good photo online of the "S". If you take a good frontal picture (not at an angle) it could help me create this for you.