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  1. Hi guys, I am older and having a hard time searching the internet for the answer. I have found a few posts but they are not correct. I need the speed wire and the back up wire at the dash area for a 2003 lexus gx 470 Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, B
  2. HI I need the Speed Sensor Wire Location. 2003 Lexus GX 470 TIA
  3. OK, We figured it out. The backup "trip" wire pigtail was not installed correctly on the back up light switch. It had a loose connection on the wire. Bad butt connection. replaced it and I rewired the back up camera and, the connection to the head unit "trip" wire. All good now!
  4. I have an old 2001 4runner limited. I would love a background of my car. I can send a photo if it would help. It looks very close to this one . Thanks
  5. Hi, I have an old 4runner and had a Z2 installed. The unit was bad, disc reader, Phone issues, Etc. I bought a 2300 NEX and installed it myself using the Scosche wiring harness adapters for my car. The back up camera works fine when I first start the car. However, I have to close the camera "Box" by Xing out of it. When I drive and then put into reverse, I do not get a back up camera. I can manually get the the back up camera by going to AV and selecting the rear camera and it works. Again, I have to exit out of the camera screen manually. I am using the "Top-tier" license plate ca
  6. I have a question, and sorry I do not understand this upload (not very good with computers) I see on the Pioneer website the map upgrade is now 99.00 Is this what this upgrade does? Can I just purchase the map upgrade and it is the same? Thanks Bryan
  7. Sorry, I know there is some of this here I just dont understand, so bear with me. I have a 2000 f350 diesel, I just installed last month a z120bt, sirius, back up camera, ipod/Iphone and msn. I would really like the steering wheel set up I see in photos in this forum. Can you please tell me what I need to get to make it work for my steering wheel. I think it is more than just the actual unit that attaches to the steering wheel If someone could please post the parts I need I would appreciate it very much. BTW I love this system it is the best I have had ever. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks so much. I will look this afternoon You guys are great Thanks again Bryan
  9. Hi, I just installed a Z120bt system with back up camera, amp, speakers, Sirius and Iphone It is a great system and works really well. One problem, I cant find the vvs wire in my truck I have read the post and it states a black/grey wire but I dont know where to find it Some say at the pcm I dont know where or what thiat is (sorry not a mechanic) Any help and a photo of where it is would be great Sorry to not find it here Thanks Bryan
  10. Great News I went online to purchase a z110bt (cause of the price) and found Pacific Sound in Riverside CA (not the losers in Lakewood) Anyway, they were out of stock with the z110bt so they are selling a Z120bt for 949 and you also get 100 rebate from Pioneer They were very nice to me and let me do the deal over the phone or using paypal (I did Paypal) It was late this afternoon and he waited and shipped me UPS while I was on the livechat with them. Really great price and really nice people
  11. Hi, what do I need to purchase to install a D3 in My 06 silverado Crewcab Non upgraded stock am fm cd Thanks
  12. Sorry, I cant make the link work for me. I need the location of the vvs speed sensor for my 06 Chevy Silverado v8 The radio does the louder when speed is increased thing. Thanks so much, I appreciate it Bryan
  13. Hooked up my D3 all is well except I dont have choices on the screen for the GPS functions What did I do wrong? By the way I did the Mute switch ground and ground the ebrake wire as well Any ideas? Thanks again in advanced you guys are awesome Bryan
  14. Hi, thanks I bought the car used How do I know it is a base model or amplifed system?? Thank you again, Bryan
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