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  1. Outback 2011 parking brake wire

    Parking Brake Color - gray Location - Body Intgrated Unit - Right of steering column - White 34 pin plug (A) - Pin # 24
  2. Installers?

    15 yrs custom audio and security. Just quit Circuit City after 4 awesome yrs. [b]ROADSHOP!!!![/b]
  3. popping noise from speaker

    looking up your wiring it depends on who installed your radio. i have installed many radio in that vehicle and never had a problem. plus you dont want to remove that amp with the factory speakers still in place. the factory infinity speakers are at a 2 ohm load to low for the avic. the recomended ohm load on the avic is 4 -8 ohms. you would have to put in a 4 channel amp or remove the amp and replace all the speakers. plus removing the output of your speaker will be lower at any volume. if you can remove the radio. i can go over the install to insure that it is installed properly. so it took awhile to respond.
  4. Use Ford built-in Sirius antenna with Z1 & SIR-PNR2?

    most never 2003 and up vehicles come with a single plug antenna.
  5. Is there any way?

    the answer is no, unless you know how to remove a void sticker without leaving the letters void on the radio. You can take apart the radio completely. that is the olny other way. i have taking one apart to repair it. not the easiest thing to take apart.
  6. Z1 install in Jaguar X-Type

    what year x-type, and factory radio options, and engine type. thats the info i need to help you with wire dash kit options.
  7. Finding the Bypass switch, help!

    2 things 1 just looking at the switch [b]VOIDS WARRANTY[/b]. you have to remove the void sticker. and second (not to be rude) but if you cant figure out how to remove the plastic trim ring and the sleeve then i wouldnt mess with the piece.
  8. Door Chime

    will i just quit circuit city a month ago. i waas the car audio manager for the leading circuit city in the toledo, ohio district. i moved so that made me look for a new career. [b]ROADSHOP!!!. [/b]the bypass they used doesnt have the illum output. they have to go to another source for that. and the bypass does have a volume control. you ground the radio parking brake wire to keep the video on. and the bypass unit makes its so you dont have to use your factory parking brake. like above you just ground the radio parking brake wire to the black ground wire coming off the radio. plus just to let you know by the installer installing that bypass he can be fired on the spot. no big deal.
  9. Finding the Bypass switch, help!

    take off the trim ring around the radio and remove the sleeve. on the bottom there is a piece of silver void tape. that voids all warranty.
  10. XM question

    oh and for that picture you posted that is only for the new n3, d2, and z1 the updated map disks do not give you the new interface. to my understanding that is all in the n3 hide-away box. never tested that option yet. but when i do ill post.
  11. XM question

    that is only availible if you have the xm/nav traffic unit installed. if you just have the standard xm piece non nav traffic then you will not get those options. hope that helps you
  12. Door Chime

    depending on the interface module they used for the truck. most of them have a volume control. they can adjust it for you. free of charge. they should have gone over that with you. and the illum doenst dim the buttons it just changes the ack ground to the night mode and you dont cut any parking brake wire AT ALL. if you are trying to get video while driving you need the piece from ducatiboy here in the forum. sounds like a newbee installer. be careful.
  13. Use Ford built-in Sirius antenna with Z1 & SIR-PNR2?

    you can use the factory antenna. all you have to do is remove the plastic housing that surrounds the metal connector.
  14. the vss wire is located at the antilock brake controller left rear of engine compartment. its pin12 dark green/yellow (in between the dark green/orange and black/dark green wires) of a 14 pin connector. and the z1 doenst have the auto dim like the n series.
  15. Installation help mazda protege5 2003

    your illum wire is lite green/black at the back of the radio, your vss wire is violet/red pin 58 at the pcm (behind right side of dash) depending if you are bypassing the video lockout you just ground the brake wire. if you arent bypassing the vidoe the wire is green at the base of the parking brake.