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  1. Good evening, (google traduction ) I am disgusted because following an update of my car radio Pionner AVIC F860BT I have a software error message from the start of the post. Of course the reset does not work at once. I searched on a lot of forums and I understood that it was the software on the internal SD card that is corrupt. Can not find an image file of my post (it seems that it is a NEX5000?) And besides I thought to see one and I install it on the map this last is full of partitions without anything in it and a Once put in the post we can not read it anymore ... the cat what! I had a contact with the company that manages the service of Pioneer (SID in Marseille) and they can send me one for the modest sum of 161e + 12e of postage since it is very very heavy a SD card lol the price of the post in OCCAZ: cry: There is something about Ebay abroad in the 100th but the delays are long and nothing certain .... So the question that kills: can someone help me ???