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  1. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Do any of you managed to play video on mrz05 or mrz02? I tried some youtube explanations but could not manage. Experiences kindly needed.
  2. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Another experience... Image.img file is not just an image file.. I croped an image to 480 x 272 and converted it to .img format. From test menu I put it in PRG0/APL/MENU.. As a result i get black background and all of the buttons are gone.. I revert back.. So do not try... Any knowledge to make proper image.img??
  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Thanks for reply. I followed Ilnurs video but the menu that he enters in test mode shows like this.. so i can not set the time.. it does not show wrong time as well.. I investigated and find out that technician did not connect GPS antenna at all. Meaning no time correction and no map correction. Thanks for help..
  4. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    I can not check from behind because i dont know how to remove it. At AV screen there is no bluetooth sign. I have a cable from behind for usb.. Do connecting bluetooth dongle to USB port allow me use phone calls through radio? Any help about setting time on mrz05?
  5. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    MRZ05 I have problem with time as there is no display. I have done the same thing with the video posted but end up with gps problem. I have problem with bluetooth. Does mrz05 has a built in bluetooth? I have problem with image. Automatic updater corrects the language but not the image.. Please help.. Here is the pictures of screen..
  6. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    First to let everyone sure that i have read most of the messages. I have MRZ05.. I have done and changed language manually. PERFECT!! Please help... Moreover, the clock does not work.. I am now working on it. If someone managed to run map for Europe, please send me message..