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  1. AVIC F930BT sorting files on USB

    Anybody got the same or ther is something wrong with my unit?
  2. Hi, I gotta quick question. Is there any possibility to sort files/folders by name in F930BT unit? Right now all the files are sorted by modification date, and that is really annoying :/
  3. Hi there, This post to thank all the people here and give my input in avic hacking. I have AVIC F930BT unit. It had maps and firmware from 2011. I updated it successfully without any problems. For all of you, who have doubts, and questions like "what file should I download?" or "how to do this?", a little instruction below: step 1: Download shortfusescript.zip step 2: Download 2017 update.zip step 3: Format sd card (or card's) (fat32) step 4: Copy files from shortfusescript.zip to sd card step 5: Place card inside the AVIC and press key when asked step 6: Copy files from 2017 update.zip to another sd card (or the same as in step 4, after finishing step 5) step 7: Place card in AVIC and restart the unit step 8: Confirm update step 9: Use PASSWORDPASSWORD as password step 10: Wait 30min until the end Do not power off the unit during the update process. In my case I was driving during step 10, so I didn't waste my time Have fun, and good luck!