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  1. Fixed problem, sd re-formatted with standard cluster size, folder update directly unzipped on the sd, sd placed in HU, map update continued, and everything works again.
  2. Need help for AVIC F8340BT, First I made a backup of the USER directory like the youtube movie. Then i copied RenewalIFLib.dll from PRG0 and patched the file with hex editor. Removed the both RenewalIFLib.dll files in PRG0 and PRG1 and replaced them with the patched one. Then I deleted the files Testmode.key and RenewalIFLib.dll from the SD. I copied de map update files, directory Firmware with all subdirectories, files and the directory Update with all subdirectories and files and the unchanged file CARDINFO.CIF on the SD. Put the SD in the HU and started updating, when prompted for the password, I entered PASSWORDPASSWORD and it was accepted. Then after about 8 minutes (13%) I got incorrect SD message. Removed the SD and did power off the HU. Then I removed the update from the SD . Put Testmode.key on SD. Then removed the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log. Removed SD and powered up HU, this was not working good any more. Only radio. Then I put in the SD with Testmode.key and wit Filemanagement I saw that the file and directory names in the NDATA directory has file and directory names with strange characters. The USER directory looks normal. What did i wrong?