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  1. F700BT backup files

    I am also in need of the F700 files. My car has been in the shop for the last 6 weeks getting repainted. When I picked it up yesterday I had several new issues. ABS Light is on, Trunk Open light is on, right rear turn signal went out after driving out fo the shop, and my Avic-F700BT will boot then turn off. It's a good thing the paint job is excellent or I would have lost my mind!The turn signal is fixed, seems there was a crimped wire. My mechanic is ordering me a new trunk lid switch and will look at the ABS light issue when the other part comes in. There was NOTHING wrong with the car when I dropped it off 6 weeks ago. I managed to get the TestMode files and I can get into Windows CE fine, but that's about it. Soft reset was no good and I tried deleting to 4 GPS files that people have mentioned. At one point, I tried holding the Menu, Map, & Eject Button and got the hit Reset one more time message. I push the soft reset button and it booted to the GPS Warning while Driving screen with the OK button. Pushed the OK and nothing, turned the car off and back on and it goes back to booting, then Off. I really don't want to buy a new head unit, but if I can't get the files I need I guess I will have to. All of the links on all of the message boards for the F700 files do not work, UGH! Any help getting the files would be greatly appreciated.