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  1. 2016 Maps *WORKING* for X850 / X950 / Z150

    Sorry.. but i dont know. This maps can be work with AVIC-F950DAB ?? I was update my firmware to 1.06 but on screen in information i have 1.0000 version (i dont know is that right). Files from this dump is look very similar to files in upgrade firmware 1.06 from pioneer site. There is the same folder AVICX850 and others files is the same. Maybe this update can work on AVIC-F950DAB ? From the other hand I found the map for avic-f950dab here https://hereshop.navigation.com/sku/T1000-26751/en_GB/HEREEMEA/EUR I have maps EU from 2013..
  2. AVIC x50 Hack General Topic

    Yes.. Is there anyone who have a update maps even from 2015 for AVIC-F950DAB ?