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  1. Pioneer SPH DA120

    In case anyone reads this thread and was in the same boat as I was? I found a seller on eBay AVIXFIX, bought the new SD card software and everything works now. Firmware updated to 1.19 and I'm "unbricked" Cheers!
  2. SPH DA 120

    I didn't see a section for App radio so I'll try here. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a copy of a image file for my unit? tried latest firmware update from 1.09 to 1.19 and it's stuck at 66%, endless loop. Do I put image file on usb or SD? Please help!
  3. Hello,

    I tried updating the firmware on y Pioneer SPH-DA120 yesterday, followed Pioneers instructions to the letter. The firmware seemed to be loading, got to 99% and gave me a power interruption error, It cycled again and continues to going up to 66% and starts over again.

    I've seen postings about an unlock image and new image to get this up and running again.

    Anyway you can help me out with this?

    I'd appreciate it,



  4. Hello all, In desperate help. I tried updating my firmware from 1.09 to 1.19 last night, used a new off brand usb card formatted FAT 32, slow format. It loaded to 99% and said update aborted by power failure. There was no power interruption, now it just cycles up to 66% and starts the whole cycle over again. I saw info on trying to load a new image file, tried that and got another message to contact Pioneer. Not sure if I'm using Win32 diskmaker properly? I'm medical, not IT savvy Can someone lead me in the right direction? Thanks!