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  1. CD/DVD not ejecting AVH-4200NEX

    Is testkey_s something that I can generate? I found some stuff on this site using perl.
  2. CD/DVD not ejecting AVH-4200NEX

    I'm having some trouble getting the CD's and DVD's to eject. They will take the discs, and play fine, but once they are in, I have to manually remove them. I've tried pushing the reset button. I've tried the eject lock procedure, pressing eject and track up. I've read that testmode_a.key has a factory reset option, and will ask about removing eject lock at this point, but I have firmware 1.06 and this file does not work on my device. Using goldenapple, I did not see any options to test the dvd functions or reset to factory defaults. Anyone have any other ideas, or a file that will get me into the head unit that will test the dvd drive functions, or a file that will allow me to do a factory reset removing the eject lock?
  3. 4200NEX Software Error/ Research Done / SD Card Image needed

    I have 1.06. I tried a few testmode files from this site, and none of them worked. I also tried the developer debug mode, but the password didn't work. Also, that jenkins.adamoutler.com site doesn't seem to be working, unless I'm missing something. I'm now looking into how to use CMD42, but that might not work either; they probably changed the password for the SD Card also.
  4. 4200NEX Software Error/ Research Done / SD Card Image needed

    I'm having trouble getting into Test Mode. Not sure if I'm going to be able to get the files. I'll keep working on it.
  5. 4200NEX Software Error/ Research Done / SD Card Image needed

    I just bought an AVH-4200NEX. I'm looking into backing up the BSP, Nor Flash, and SD Card. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. My AVH-4200 won’t turn on

    If you still have the unit... There are a few fuses on the main circuit board you can check.