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  1. Firmware update headache

    This is not "bad USB" cards this is fully due to Pioneer fragile update system and their failure to clarify on this issue or to fix bugs with their product. I have tried half a dozen SD cards all different brands and several USB cards using Window 10, MacOS and Linux with no success. If anyone here has enough computer experience to use dd to image a SD card or USB drive that does work for this it would be appreciated. While I love the product I have avoided other Pioneer products because of this issue. Unfortunately both BT and android auto are starting to have issues and I need to upgrade but I am tempted to just rip out the deck and change brands. I am in this industry and reading FAT file systems or at least making a process that isn't this fragile is not a high bar and there are simple tools they could have used to package an update image if they cared. I hate to be so negative about such an otherwise great product but don't let Pioneer's development teams off the hook there, this common technical issue probably points to a severely broken culture and little desire to fix a long term pain point for customers. This problem is not caused by various storage card/thumb drive vendors but is completely within Pioneer's development team's responsibility to fix.