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  1. How do i get it to say im going the way im going? The little compass is pointing east and not north. How can i fix this? Thanks
  2. i was wondering if i should buy one that has this problem if i can get it cheap and maybe fix it some how? how much would you pay for one with this problem and is it an easy fix? thanks
  3. nav. problem.

    ok, let me tell you what's going on. the arrow on the screen that shows you where you are works right at first it shows my car going striaght then later on it shows my car going sideways down the road and doesn't read what road i'm on plus it jumps to side roads that i'm passing and says that i'm on that road. when i put in my address to return home it tells me to make a u-turn when i know i'm going the right way. could someone tell me what they think might be wrong with it? thanks
  4. Question about AVIC-N1???

    i tried the same thing because i was missing the 30 pin cable from head unit to hide away, but it didn't work, so no it won't work. i thought it would atleast let you play radio and cds.
  5. VSS Locations with pictures.

    does anyone know where the vss wire is on a 95 cobra mustang? i searched and didn't find anything. thanks
  6. n2 question

    it lets me use the nav. while driving. the guy told me he did the bypass to it and i have all the grounds tied in together.
  7. n2 question

    ok, my n2 lets me us the nav while driving, but won't let me play movies. what can i do to fix this to play movies while driving? thanks
  8. problem with my n2

    that sounds cheap, where do i go to download it and what type of disc do i need? thanks
  9. problem with my n2

    where can i get one pretty cheap?
  10. help please

    i got this unit without manual. i'll look on website. thanks
  11. help please

    it's working now, but does the n2 show all road names and how do you get it to show gas stations and other places on map? thank you all for the help.
  12. help please

    i'll check. i'd like to hide the antenna up inside the dash where it can't be seen like i did with the one on my d3 i had. this one don't seen to want to work without it being on top of the car. i had it working pretty good while on top of the car.
  13. help please

    spped pulse-0....antenna ok with 4 towers lit up..... back signal low...
  14. help please

    ok, i'll try that and see what i got. i hit the reset earlier and now it's reading that i'm in the right place, but just not moving anywhere when i go for a ride, it shows that i'm still at home. i don't need to hook up the vss wire do i? i never had it hooked up on my old d3 and it worked good. thanks
  15. help please

    i'm new to this, how do i get there? thanks