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  1. AVIC-F980BT Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Had any more luck ? I'm in search of the service/testmode on f980dab
  2. Avic-F960dab password.

    Will this work on an f980 DAB ? If it doesn't , do i risk bricking the radio in trying the provided zip ?
  3. AVIC-F980DAB

    Found any info yet ?
  4. F980 DAB

    Hi guys, I'm having difficulties in finding the right info to hack this version of the radio. Is there a way to fasten up the boot process and dissable thé warning prompt ? Any links and how to's would be extremely helpfull
  5. F980 DAB Questions

    Hi everyone ; I've been reading up on the forum but none of these mentions anything about the f980DAB. Is this version that 'difficult' to find or am I just looking in the wrong sections ?-maybe there's another version of thé radio that works exactly as this one ?- I have added a photo of the systeminformation so you can see what I'm working with. So far I've managed to get the developer options working and get an ADB trough USB, yet I have no further info about what to do next to extract information and update internal configurations to change limitations set by the manufacturer. I don't want to 'just go and try' without any basic knowledge about the thing ; Not a fan of bricks tbh. So my questions to you guys are ; What versions can I use to update my firmware, and Furthermore add custom roms to thé internal sd ? When linking up with adb , what do you use to link up and what are the actions you preform to extract and add your own settings? Any other tips, tricks, tutorials, video's are welcome ; I'm just a Real noob on the whole modding car radio's, I do however have a good knowledge of Linux and android modding/rooting so mostely these things discussed here make perfect Sense ; yet I'm not really eager to mix versions without any base of information about this specific model. Thanks in advance , L3x.