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  1. Crackling Speakers during Navigation

    My AVIC-5100NEX has occasional popping, crackling, fuzz, distortion on all sources, but only on occasion. Did anyone here determine the source of this issue or if there is a fix. This seems to happen about 1 out of every 10 times I drive the car...never a real reason for it, but it does seem to be more frequent when its very warm outside or if the car was sittign in the sun all day before I drive (I am in PA, so its never 150 degrees inside the car when I leave work). After using this HU for over a year, I have seen other bugs too, besides the sound issues I described above and ones in this thread: 1. SIrius XM loses signal intermittently and the only solution is to power off the HU (ignition too), a simple source off-on will not fix this. When this happens all sources lose audio. So, it requires pulling over to the side of the road, and turning the key off, then back on to get the HU audio playing again...wow, really? Shame on you Pioneer...potentially causing an accident because of an intermittent bug. 2. Probably the most annoying issue is the complete loss of functionality at startup, which happens within 10 seconds of ignition on... so far the ONLY fix is to key off and back on, like #1 above. I think I really got a lemon of a HU here, as I seem to have a couple weird problems that no one else has, but this one is really bad... no audio at all from any sources until the car and HU reboots. I have been able to lessne the occurrence of this which ALWAYS occurs at really cold temps (below 20 degrees), as long as I don't try to drive the car until the Bluetooth autoconencts on the HU. Essentially, I start the car, and wait for the blue dot on BT to stop blinking, and be solid before droppign to reverse to back out of my driveway. This has been the only fix that has helped thsi problem. I have considered installing an on-off switch mounted somewhere to switch the ignition (12V) line, to prevent havign to pull over to restart the car when weird issues crop up. All of the problesm I have are major flaws, huge bugs, and the firmware updates have done nothign to resolve these issues. I wish I could get a new HU...I have been a long time Pioneer supporter and equipment user, and this HU has turned me off from buyign any of their future products.