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  1. HDMI w/Chromecast

    google chromecast needs Internet to work. You can setup your smartphone's network settings to have chromecast connect to your phone and still have LTE capabilities, granted you are still connected to a internet source of some sort, but as soon as you leave that internet source, your chromecast will fail. Sorry not sure if that was very clear... But to save you a headache, I suggest not to try. Lol. Hopefully one day Google will push out a firmware so that the chromecast won't need Internet to work or if someone can tweak the firmware to work that way. For now, only hardwiring is the only way I know.
  2. I didn't really care as much for the loss of using video out from my iPhone 5 and now iPhone 6 with these lightning cables since I had USB ports for my AVIC-Z130bt, AVH-8400 and 8000-NEX. So I never really tried to look for a solution. Just a few days ago, I started looking things up on how to improve my system in my vehicles and found something interesting. I found a small box called Kivic One. It pretty much acts like apple's airport but with an HDMI and rca connection. You can use this to AirPlay video to the receiver via the device without losing your phone's Internet capabilities. Pair it with something called MimicsX2 and you'll be able to use the touchscreen on your receiver and it'll show on your phone. It's quite an expensive setup, but I'm willing to dive into it. Has anyone or heard or use this? If so, what are your thoughts?
  3. Nex Traffic Map/radio

    It's horrible. Makes me regret buying the 8000 to replace my z130. Currently on the drive home using the navi to gauge my arrival. The tells me I have one hour left with 15 miles left. With the usual Friday traffic I know and the Google maps I'm running in the background know I only have about 20 mins left. Pioneer needs to partner with someone else.
  4. z110bt --> NEX model connector question

    I want to say yes... But it's been a couple of months since I installed my 8000nex. MMy suggestion is to wait it out for now. Many of us have complaints and issued with the Nex series. IMHO, the Z series are still better.
  5. Route consistency? (8000NEX)

    Agreed. Guidance is terrible. I decided to give the navi one more chance after the 1.06 update. I usually turn on the back to gauge my eta to home. Like a dummy, I decided to follow it instead of my usual route. Well it took me to heavier traffic and extend my drive by 10miles and 30minutes. Like I've said in another topic here, the Z130 did a lot better along with remember the turns I usually make. Feels like I downgraded just to get some features that I thought would be upgrades. Turns out there are plenty of issues on the firmware making the NEX models sub-par compared to the AVIC Z models.
  6. Recalibrate GPS

    Try resetting to factory settings. If that fails, you might have to return and get a new unit it have it replaced/fixed through warranty. IMHO I don't like my 8000NEX's navigation. Even after the 1.06, it guides me to routes I would never take or routes with even heavier traffic. My Z130 was a lot better in terms of navigation and also learned the streets I normally use getting to my house. I'll be sticking to google maps on my iPhone for the time being. Good luck on your unit
  7. bluetooth audio and iphone5/iOS8.0.2

    Unfortunately that is correct. You have to choose one or the other then set the unit accordingly. It's been an issue with the NEX units since before carplay. I stream my music so it's normally set to play through usb. The only time it is troublesome for me is if any of my friends were ride with me and we want to listen to music from their phone, I would have to change the settings to BT AND unplug my phone.
  8. You should be ok to connect it to the blue/white wire. I have my amp and l believe swc-1 connected to that
  9. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Yes it works. I have my iPhone 5 7.1.2 jailbroken and my iPhone 6 on 8.0.2. I posted up a picture on one of these threads too but anyways, Carplay also shows the theme if you have your iphone themed(which IMO is probably the best thing about the update.)
  10. bluetooth audio and iphone5/iOS8.0.2

    Issue with these NEX HU's are that you have to disconnect the iphone from the Lightning cable. It's stupid. Now with that being said 1. Make sure iphone and HU are paired with each other. 2. Settings-->System-->Input/Output Settings-->Smartphone Setup------Now ensure connection is set to "Wireless via BT"

    Wow after reading this, I had to see for myself. And sure enough it did not continue where I left the movie. And I just have a 128GB thumb drive connected to USB2. What's even worse is that it won't recognize USB2 if you have your phone connected to USB1. First was not being able to use Bluetooth audio when plugged in, now this? This is inexcusable. Pioneer just went full retard. I'm seriously thinking about switching to alpine or something else after being a pioneer user for many years.
  12. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    I found Spotify works best if you start it on your phone first. But still unstable through the HU. Also I found out carplay supports the theme on your iphone. I found this out after plugging in my iPhone 5 which is still jailbroken and themed.
  13. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    I got an 8000NEX & iP6 on iOs 8.0.2 and well I've never really needed a navigation unit since I could just use my phone and it'll play in the background, but it's nice to see a larger map ya' know? But now that Carplay is out, does anyone else feel that you could've saved a lot more money by just buying a 4000NEX? Even though a lot of good and bad has already been covered, here is my opinion on Carplay: That GoodGood -Sleek design -Ease of use -Smooth and almost seamless integration -Ability to still play other music apps in the background -Feels like a big 7" phone attached to my car Not so good -That annoying sidebar just for the home button -Spotify needs to be polished, it doesn't behave very well -Another annoying thing, apps on my phone load or switch to app when using the HU -STILL NOT able to use BT Audio when plugged in. Overall 6/10 for me. Hopefully there will be an update from pioneer to improve carplay
  14. Light at the end of the tunnel

    I'm still betting on carplay releasing once ios 8 is publicly released... The latest when the next iphone ships.
  15. AppRadio / Carplay Not For iOS8

    Like DP3343 said, it'll work just fine. Not sure if its legality or what ever, but I have a hunch CarPlay will release soon after iOS8 is available or the next gen iPhones are out an about. http://www.imore.com/hands-apple-carplay-pioneer-same-great-experience-your-current-vehicle