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  1. AVIC-W8400NEX or 8500?

    So my tried and true AVIC-Z2 (updated to Z3) from about 11 years ago is finally starting to get tired. The display motor is intermittent (when the temperature is warm), and the backlight has become quite dim. In searching for a replacement unit, I've settled on either the 8400NEX or 8500NEX. I understand that the 8400 is discontinued, and has been replaced by the 8500. My question is whether there is a compelling enough reason to shell out the additional $475 for the 8500? I've been unable to find a comparison of the two models, and even on the Pioneer website it isn't all that clear (or at least doesn't seem like much of a change over a slight difference in screen layout). Finally, while there were methods of changing a Z2 (or Z1 for that matter) into a Z3, is there a way to give the 8400 the look and feel of the 8500?
  2. Iphone 4s issues

    I've found the same thing with my iPhone 4S as well. However, I've found that it only behaves this way if I answer the call from the phone. If I answer the call from the AVIC screen, then it routes through the AVIC automatically.
  3. Dying, Dying, Dead. F90BT

    So, here's an update -- the unit wasn't quite dead -- was just unresponsive under Sat radio. Seemed to work okay when playing CDs though. When she started having the problems, I ordered the firmware update from Pioneer and as luck would have it, the card arrived this morning. I applied the firmware update with no problems. However, when I tried to check the Bluetooth version number, the screen showed "Bluetooth software not installed". So, I downloaded and installed the BT software and so far all seems to be going well. My question is this -- What would cause this unit to drop the BT software and (presumedly) corrupt the firmware to cause these problems? I could understand it if, let's say she had to get a jump start, or the battery had been disconnected and reconnected, but nothing like that has taken place. My unit still has about two months left of it's 2-year warranty, so if there's an underlying issue, I'd like to know about it before the warranty expires. Thanks, Steve.
  4. So, a couple of years ago, I installed a new F90BT in my wife's Mustang. It worked fine until just very recently. About a week ago, the Bluetooth stopped working. It dropped both phone profiles that were stored, and when I would try to pair it again, it wouldn't recognize any devices. If I recall correctly, my phone would see the F90BT, but couldn't pair since the F90BT wouldn't see the device. This morning, my wife calls me and tells me that the unit became unresponsive during her drive to work. While at a red light, she shut the car off (and opened her door to kill the power off delay) and restarted the car, in an attempt to power cycle the unit. At that point, the unit remained completely dead. Has anybody come across this problem before, and is there a typical fix? If not, how reasonable is Pioneer's repair service? Thanks, Steve...
  5. Adding POI lists to the Z2

    Is it possible to add custom POI lists (such as a file with all the Harley Davidson dealerships, or red light cameras) to the Z2?
  6. Direction on Map

    Touching the red/white diamond will switch between the modes.
  7. way to get thieves

    Hmmm, why don't you just pay a few bucks more a year to add aftermarket equipment coverage to your insurance and lower your comprehensive deductible to something like $50. If somebody breaks into your car, you won't have to spend time in jail and pay heavy civil fines for cutting his fingers off, not to mention the expense of replacing your carpet and who wants to handle their AVIC once it's covered with the blood of somebody who might be infected with AIDS? If they want it that bad, let 'em have it. Pay $50 deductible for a new (and current if you happen to have a Z1 or Z2), and a new window. Not a bad deal for an upgraded unit with full warranty if you ask me...
  8. Avic-Z2 Bypassed with XM nav trfc., Bluetooth, Ipod apapter

    Hmmm, good luck on that one. Not sure what a 1st gen ipod is going for these days, but I just purchased the Z2, ipod interface, GEX-P10XMT, bluetooth adapter and a backup camera BRAND NEW from Crutchfield for under $1,600 including tax and shipping (both free)... And, I have a full warranty on mine... It might be me, but I think you're aiming a bit high...
  9. I have a 2003 Expedition and just installed the Z2. I've also installed the HD radio module. However, I've noticed that whether the car antenna is connected to the Z2 or the HD module, my radio reception (especially AM radio -- I listen to a couple news/traffic stations) has really suffered compared to the factory radio. The antenna is built into the rear right window glass and I was wondering if there is an antenna booster that I need to provide power to. Anybody know?
  10. Custom Background Gallery

    I've searched, but can't find any backgrounds for a 2003 Expedition... Just the generic Ford logos... Anybody have one (or wanny make one of those killer looking ones)?
  11. Using Avic Nav System for offroad 4WD

    I'd be concerned with the longevity of the hard drive in a 4x4 installation. When I was doing some install testing and was using the Z2 while holding it in my hand (vehicle was parked), when I looked at the hardware screen, it showed excessive vibration. That was being held in my hand, so I would think that off-road use would be worse... I'd choose a non HDD version.
  12. Custom Background Gallery

    I've searched, but can't find any backgrounds for a 2003 Expedition... Just the generic Ford logos... Anybody have one (or wanny make one of those killer looking ones)?
  13. Doh! Got it! That makes sense...
  14. Okay, so I just received my Z2 yesterday and am preparing to install it. I added the wire to the open position on connector #2. My question is this -- I really don't care to watch movies on this thing while driving, but I don't want to have to stop in order to make navigation changes. Do I need to ground both wires to be able to use the nav while moving, or just wire #2? In other words, is grounding the brake wire only necessary to watch DVDs while moving while the other wire is only needed to enable navigation while moving?
  15. Quick question -- I just received my Z2 yesterday, and have the Z3 drive upgrade waiting in the wings. I did notice in one of the menus that it gives you the ability to replace background images with a number of preloaded ones, plus the option to load one off of a disc. What's the difference between loading one off a disc and doing it this way (other than being able to change the safety warning screen)?