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  1. 12 views an no suggestions, i guess i'm alone on this one.
  2. I replaced the batteries in my truck and now my AVIC N3 will not display the time when the screen is in. I just can't get it to display no matter what button i press. any suggestions, any setting to check. (when the screen is out it does display the right time in the upper corner like usual.)
  3. N5 maps in a N3

    does anybody know if the N5 maps will work in my N3???????
  4. AVIC - N3 bypass - paperclip method

    i have this bypass done to my N-3. it seems to screw with the brain because it thinks that i am moving and that the parking break is on at the same time. I tells me that i am in a different town, one that is 50 miles away. i was thinking that i would be better to undo this bypass and just put the parking break wire into a switch. what is your ideas and does anybody else have this problem. also how easy is it going to be to take the radio out to undo the bypass (had it professionaly installed), and which color wire is for the parking break??
  5. Problem with GPS positioning with Avic N3

  6. Problem with GPS positioning with Avic N3

    yes i did find that brain. The arrows are pointing front to back, and it is lvl. My only question is, on the brain there is a picture of a car with arrows on it. the front of that car on the brain is pointing toward the rear of my truck, does this make any difference??
  7. Problem with GPS positioning with Avic N3

    what is VSS, is that Vehicle Speed Sensor?? it shows 7 satellites. They better be professional it cost $270 to get it installed.
  8. Problem with GPS positioning with Avic N3

    I think so, first i have to find where the hell they hid it too, The Gps changed on the way home tonight, it now is saying that I am in a town a little closer, in a couple of months mabey it will finally get down to my town. lol
  9. I just bought an Avic N3, I had it professionally installed. I bypassed the unit so that i can change the destination while driving, the switch got flipped and the parking break wire grounded. My GPS is telling me that the town i am in is a town which is about 1hr away, 10 towns over. I called Pioneer the guy told me that the parking break wire is what is screwing with the unit and that is why the positioning is TOTALLY wrong. My truck was sitting still at the time so this should have nothing to do with it, I was wondering if it was the software. Did anyone else have this problem, and if so how do you fix it?
  10. Need help with Avic N3

    yes the time does show up on the nav screen. I will try hitting that button when i leave work, thanxs for the help
  11. Need help with Avic N3

    I just bought an Avic N3 refurbished. I had it installed ($270, almost gave me heart attack) but anyways. They said that they bench tested it and everything worked. My problem is when i have the screen down, it only displays the radio station I am listening too, I hit (disp) to see it i can get the time and nothing happens. Is this normal if so how do i get it to display the time when the screen is down??