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  1. Still not working. Even when reset. White flash black pioneer logo black. Touch screen works fine. Is there like a fluorescent light behind the screen. Almost seems like it fire and then tries again. Or is it an internal SD card?
  2. I just had the same thing happen to me. Did you find a solution?
  3. This forum is very helpful. I have an issue with Mt 2 year old AVIC 7200 NEX. A few years ago I updated the software with the hero from this forum. Everything seemed fine until today. Was driving down the road, looked over and black screen. Hit the reset button and get a white screen briefly with a vertical gray line for like 1/2 a second then black. Put truck into reverse and no camera display. Thoughts? Fixes? Thanks in advance
  4. So inside the unit itself, not the one near the dvd slot? I read the 5200 image would work. Is that correct? Does anyone have the image for the 7200 or one that would work? Almost got stopped for using my cell phone
  5. Hello members. My 7200 NEX has been acting funny over the last few weeks. Taking longer to boot up. This morning the may wouldn't display (kept going to the main menu) Then later I looked down and saw the software error screen. Now it it just shows Pioneer loading then the the NEX screen which goes on and off a few times then just a black screen. Experts, it this topical for the software corruption? Is the SD card internal or external? And if someone has an image (US) can you share it please? Any instructions on how to do the SD card fix if you think that's it?
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