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  1. worked on my AVH4400NEX. ...rant below. OMG you guys don't know how many countless hours I spent trying to recover my password on my brand new radio. I didn't even get to tryout my new component speaker system that I just installed before the HU started crying at me stranger danger - you don't know my password! I tried hours of manual entries, used 7 different usb thumbdrives, different brands, all under 4gbs, 4 different extractors for crap Testmode, testmode_a, Supertestmode, codihack, password removal script, goldenapple, golden_apples__eggs, PioneerAVH4000FactoryService, 4000nex_rar, downloaded all 4 european versions of avic F60, F70, F80, F77, and was just about to open this HU this weekened to replace my oem SD card. Everything I tried....if it did anything at all, gave me Error Code: 5. D@mn you HU! Why wouldn't you take any of my candy and follow me into the garage for some good old fashion fun. I kept trying all week because didn't want to return it to Amazon and let the next sucker deal with my stupid password. Wouldn't wish this on my enemy much less a stranger. .......Who am I kidding, the next guy would have wasted 15 minutes before giving up. So in conclusion, Pioneer's simple SERVICE PASSWORD METHOD worked on my AVH4400NEX. Now I have to send back all the SD cards, cards reader extension, and UART cable that are to arrive tomorrow. Thanks all, thanks super helpful human pioneer guy with a heart of gold, and especially Ytumer for coming back and following up with your post even though your problem was already resolved. I remember why I'm too old to be hacking my toys like the good old days of xbox/ playstation, free service phones. Now if you don't mind I'll just put on my dunce hat and take out my wallet and pay my monthly subscriptions to every streaming service in the world.