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  1. Hi, can i have some information too? I really need to cheange my hdd 'cause it's broken...what can i do?
  2. Hi guys, and if my hdd doesn't work anymore? can someone please tell me how to replace hdd and inject the correct content? I've no idea about that, and i'm pretty sure that the original disk is broken. Please, help me, maybe with the entire internal hdd image, please
  3. HDD unlocking FREE

  4. Avic-HD3 Australian HDD Image

    Hi, can u upload the image somewhere please? My hdd is broken and i really don't know what to do
  5. HDD unlocking FREE

    So, is there a chance to find a build to inject in the new hdd? My original hhd is broken too, and i don't know what to do...can u help me please?