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  1. F700BT F710BT F900BT F70BT F90BT 2014 Q1 EU Maps

    Hi guys, A friend which have a unit F700BT ask me to update his maps and I want help him. I am newbie in this system. I know enough well iGO, WinCE and also Mortscript. What I should take care? Can I update the maps in any firmware? For sure the Backup is the first.
  2. F500BT F700BT F900bt F910BT here maps 2016 Q3

    @kadet18 a friend with a F700BT come to me for update the maps, this procedure what you show up is not complicate. But there is necessary to have a minimum firmware for this? As I see there is only license file mentioned. For iGO8 there a many others running. For this unit need a special license? It's accepted only .lic files? I knew enough well iGO, and WinCE but I don't know this unit requirements. How big is accepting the SD card? I have a 32GB and 64GB SandDisk already formatted FAT32. Many thanks
  3. Official 3.0 Update Tutorial

    @quangngaiwork one friend come also with a unit F700BT to me for update maps and so I am here. How is updating the version? It is mandatory to have last version for update maps? Many thanks