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  1. Hi @Mwassaru Just use sources: https://github.com/Shtirlitz/RZ09 Cut 0x200 header of PRG-file - you'll get the .NB0 firmware. Extract initDB.dat from .NB0 file, use my tools to make the translation. Replace translated initDB.dat in the .NB0 and use makever.c to create updated FW files. Here is step-by-step manual (2 posts): http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=847671&st=20#entry90149444 It's in Russian but I think it's easy to translate to English. Good luck! Alex
  2. Hi, OK, here is the step-by-step manual: Step 1: Take out the FW, see here Step 2: Get the file named "PS140PLT.PRG". For RZ09 it is in folder NAVIVUP\AVICRZ09\PLATFORM\ Cut out 0x200 bytes from the start of the file: its header. I used the SFK-tool: sfk195x64.exe partcopy PS140PLT.PRG -allfrom 0x200 output.nb0 -yes When you need to extract file output.nb0 by the dumpromx.exe tool (easy to find it on this forum): mkdir DUMP dumpromx.exe -d DUMP -v -5 output.nb0 >output.txt As a result, you'll get a lot of FW files, and initDB.dat of course Step 3: Patc
  3. Hi! For RZ05 translation you need to take out the FW, and use my GitHub project to prepare modified FW: https://github.com/Shtirlitz/RZ09 Good luck)
  4. Hi @Mwassaru, This set of setting (DSP & sound settings) I have translated already, but some interfaces (Navi for example) is still in Japanese. The screenshots are not up to date on GitHub, see translation.txt commits for last updates. Alex
  5. Hi everyone, I have finished the translation of my AVIC-RZ09 to English (with string length limits of initDB.dat file). Here are updated sources and examples: https://github.com/Shtirlitz/RZ09 Alex
  6. Hi Sadhri, Easiest way to do it, just install FM converter device between AV and antenna. It moves FQ range and you will be able to tune radio stations in your region.
  7. Hi @DriveNSK, I could not upload images here (I got an error), but I uploaded it on GitHub: https://github.com/Shtirlitz/RZ09/tree/master/RZ09_photos Alex
  8. Hi everyone, I have partially translated my AVIC-RZ09 to English, but it looks not so good as I wanted because of string length limits of initDB.dat file. I didn't find any markup records in initDB.dat file. I try to investigate some other files of the AVIC-RZ09 firmware but no results for now. Maybe someone knows where are stored the Strings length and field's markup of the AVIC UI? Here are sources and examples: https://github.com/Shtirlitz/RZ09 Alex
  9. I've downloaded it, thanks! It's funny)) Folder inside of the "NAVIVUP" named as "AVICRZ09" on your RZ77 device Pioneer's engineers place same compiled Testmode.EXE on all devices and don't mind it))
  10. Hi DriveNSK, You are welcome) Can you share your FW with me (upload it to Google Drive for example)? I try to find tips and tricks of new WM-based AVICs firmwares. Thanx!
  11. Hi All! FW backup instruction for AVIC-RZ09 (and similar devices - AVIC-RL09, AVIC-RW09, AVIC-RZ09, AVIC-RZ07, AVIC-RZ06, AVIC-RL05, AVIC-RZ05, AVIC-RW03, AVIC-RZ03): 1. Get SD card, FAT32-formatted. Probably the USB disk will work too, but I didn't check back up on USB. 2. Make the empty folder named "NAVIVUP" on SD card. 3. Power on the AVIC and place the SD card into AVIC device slot. 4. Go to in the Testmode (press and hold "NAVI" button, press each once right-left-right-left-right-left, release "NAVI" button - device restarted in test mode). 5. On the first s
  12. Hi DriveNSK, I didn't find any correct TESTMODE.KEY for now: a have tried a lot of variants from this site and others but every time saw an error message "TESTMODE.KEY is incorrect". But I can see the Test modes keywords inside of the file "Testmode.exe". I'm not sure what the correct TESTMODE.KEY will open the "Copy" and "Paste" commands, further, the device file manager didn't access to files which contains the strings for translation - all of them inside of the main FW file PS140PLT.PRG. WM6.x - yes, the device is Windows Mobile 6.x based, and I found tools to get/repack
  13. Hi DriveNSK! I have AVIC RZ-09 and it looks very similar to RZ-77. I've spent about 2 weeks on investigations and for today I found: no easy way to make the device translation to English, but I think it possible by modding FW files I cannot find any similar model on the European market you can make the FW copy form the device easy - just use "Take out program" menu in test mode while SD-card inserted (FAT32 formatted, FW size about 500Mb) The folders structure looks like: NAVIVUP - AVICRZ09 -- APL -- DTV -- DTVDATA -- PALTFORM The FW
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