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  1. I have updated my F10BT with a changed CARDINFO. Works perfect. Thanks to all !!!!
  2. recommended 2018 map update f900bt

    is this a EU-Map?
  3. F10BT Maps and or firmware

    Thanks for replying. I did not know "Here" is the official supplier. Thanks
  4. F10BT Maps and or firmware

    Hi all, I have a F10BT that came with our new (used) car. Can anyone tell me if there is a map-update for this unit? Currently it has a EU-map from 2015 but I need a recent one. I found a map-update on: https://hereshop.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Pioneer_AVIC-F10BT/HERE-Pioneer-EU-MY09-10-High-2019/sku/T1000-27508/en_GB/HEREEMEA/EUR It costs €149,- but I can't tell if this is really a EU-map from 2019. If someone could help.....please. Grts, David