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  1. And by the way...stripping wires, especially in the middle of a run...use these. They used to be super expensive but have gotten less so over the years.
  2. I updated to the 3.9...drove to the store for some trivial get the hell out of the house before I lose my mind crap...and stereo rebooted again. So, I called Maestro iDatalink tech support. A long story short (substantial electronics background)...if a power bypass is involved, it sounds like it is a biasing issue in the module. Meaning, at one point everything is fine, then there is a current draw in the system, the system reboots, and everything is fine again until the next event. Since there is no one event (using apps, changing apps, bluetooth, etc) that is causing it, and more or di
  3. Looks like there is yet another firmware available for this: MAESTRO RR ADS-MRR FIRMWARE ADS-RR(SR)-TOY01-DS (512) V3.9 HARDWARE RR (512)
  4. So...started getting reboots again. Totally random...no one thing or event that each occurrence has in common. Will try the power wire bypass now. (Pioneer insists on doing the whole United Radio repair process again. Honestly, if I have to go another month with a big ass hole in my dash...I'm just throwing this thing away and going with another brand. Such bullshit.)
  5. So... after getting my 8500 Nex back from United Radio (they replaced the System on chip)... still having reboot issues. After reading here about the power wire and Maestro issues...i find the new firmware is updated from 3.3 to 3.8. I updated a few weeks ago... and after many hours of driving... no reboot. So far so good. I would recommend the firmware update!
  6. I have a Samsung S10E and it works beautifully with 8500. Actually connects faster to this than to my old 8200. I use Pandora most of the time and with the 8500 the app doesn't have to be open. With a minute of starting 4runner pandora auto connects. I love using the Android Auto wirelessly too... just press the button. Disconnect... press button. Very nice.
  7. You're not alone. I had a 8200nex for 3 years and loved it. Moved it to my wife's van. Bought the 8500nex in mid December. Within 2 weeks it rebooted 5 times. Contacted Pioneer and they said to return it and replace it because it was likely to fail soon. Checked all wiring connections and had to reflash Maestro with replacement. The second unit seemed to be fine for the past 2 weeks. Then after 2 hours into a 3 hour roadtrip it rebooted. Was using Android Auto wirelessly connected to my Samsung S10E and playing Sirius XM. After reboot seemed fine. 4 days later (today) after just 15 minutes of
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