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  1. AVIC-Z130BT Backup Camera has No Picture

    Check connections behind head unit.
  2. Internal dvd drive

    Thanks. I forgot about this. I actually fixed it earlier this year. Wasnt hard at all.
  3. No GPS warning

    Thanks guys. I think I figured it out. I removed the green connector and rotated the connection slightly and reinstalled. this seems to have returned GPS signal back.
  4. No GPS warning

    AVIC f150 Anyone ever get this warning but the GPS still appears to be working fine I did disconnect the wire to move the antenna block on my cowl, when I plugged it back in I got this. But the GPS still appears to follow my tracks and direct me to places i need to be
  5. Internal dvd drive

    Hoping someone can help me out. I took my player apart because the dvds were not loading. I thought it was the rubber roller and figured it needed cleaned. I noticed a spring was off but can figure out where it goes. Any one take theirs apart and happen to take pics? I don’t think it is the issue, but would like to put it back. If not, is it possible to order a new drive only? This is a z150bh. Thanks.
  6. Z150BH Navi.exe

    I came from an F series, which I was hoping this unit was built from...but I see no. I gave up and deal with the nag screen, I did reply to your PM
  7. Z150BH Navi.exe

    I am wanting to remove the nag screen. When entering testmodes file management, I do not see a user folder anywhere. Do I need to look harder or is the NAVI.exe hidden elsewhere? Thanks!
  8. Z150 Firmware upgrade Version not changing

    This happened to me as well (late to the update party). Even long press didn't do anything. Testmode was the only way I could confirm version.
  9. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Nevermind, found the answer
  10. System restart due to tuner error

    I am also getting random reboots, maybe once per day on a semi long drive (45-60 minutes). Z150BH. I don't notice a message because I am driving, but sounds similar to the posted issues. No XM, no MSN...first started in nav mode, now happening in nav or tuner mode.
  11. Having second thoughts

    Don't blame you. I upgraded from an old F90BT, so much larger screen, but I feel the Nav is off, maps are terrible, and can't hack. I don't care about Voice Rec or any other of the stuff you listed, but this unit is just not what it should be.
  12. Z150BT FM radio issue

    Thanks, didn't realize there was a button to keep it on analog and not switch.
  13. Z150BT FM radio issue

    Having some issue with reception on the FM side. I get very good reception, digital FM, but a few stations will "skip" or slide ahead on the song. I get no dead spot of music, or a "fast forward" sound from the music, but it will be at one point, then skip ahead a second or two of the song. Hope this makes sense as hard to explain. If I get a chance I will record a sound bite.
  14. Question About Z150BH Install

    I will help you with the issues I know. 1. I used the GPS antennae from my F90BT without issue. So I would guess the antennae from the 140 would be the same. 2. I do not know the process of iPhone and Android at the same time, but I did initially purchase the CDAH202C (comes with MHL) to use with my Note 2 and it did not work well. I would buy an MHL adaptor specifically for your phone on eBay. Seems Samsung and the different phones work best with what is designed for the specific brand.
  15. Pandora with Bluetooth Z150bh

    Thanks, if I feel the need to take apart my dash again, I will reinstall this, but as of now, I feel appradio for android is not worth the time and effort. For above on the ipod, I would suggest not trying any other cable but what is suggested, I think the IU230 ruined my classics HHD despite working fine on the f90bt..