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  1. Will one of these fix the update error im getting on my avic-8000nex? It won't take to any update no matter which USB stick I try.
  2. dont know if im able to post vidoes or not but i can show you in entirety what it does .
  3. will give a sitrep in a few, gonna flash it to my usb and give it a whirl edit: said "reading" for a bout 4 minutes, then back to update failed, pressed home key, goes to update screen, goes -1% and immediately says update failed.
  4. just making sure. copying over the entire folder still results in an update error. and that's with the most "current" pioneer update file from there site. if i can find older update files i can go and just try each one on at a time (as i currently dont know the version the head unit is running)
  5. i went and redownloaded the firmware from pioneer and got a new usb, non branded, tranferred the files and tried again, still no dice. do i copy the ENTIRE folder or just a section?
  6. I've searched and searched, Google, Pioneer, Bing, Yahoo, This forum. And I can't for sh*t find any update files. I did use the search bar in this forum as well and all I find are year old threads or dead links. Have the "update failed" screen. I can get it to the "updating" screen via USB stick and the "8000nex" update file from pioneers website, but unzipping the files reveals a "5000nex" file inside. Renaming the file from 5000 to 8000 does nothing. Any NEW help would be appreciated. F
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