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  1. @godzillajust checking in to see how you are doing in health terms ! And to also thank you (and the other major contributors like @spoon1 and @RonS) Just got feedback from my dad that he is so happy with the new updates on the device. Apart from the new maps, also the firmware upgrade seems to have had a positive effect on how the device works. @All When anybody thinks they can benefit from me sharing the pictures/screenshots here that I made during the process (i haven't gotten through to that yet...), please let me know, and I'd be happy to speed that up.
  2. That makes total sense and yes, this is exactly the same popup window that I got in Dutch (Man, never would have expected that this forum would improve everyone's language skills right ). I suggest that @maunav90 gets back to us and let us know in detail whether that was the case and/or how he resolved the issue. In any case, it all worked brilliantly and without a glitch for my father's AVIC-F930BT (maps upgraded from 2011=>2019, firmware upgraded to 8.000) , so thanks for all the efforts @RonS, @godzilla and @spoon1 , also on behalf of my happy father ! I even hooked up his relatively
  3. Quick response: I updated my father's AVIC-F930BT this evening, and everything was successfull (I'll share a more detailed document accompanied by screenshots later on). So please be informed that - in my case at least - it accepted the 'PASSWORDPASSWORD' combination without complaining, and completed the upgrade in about 20-30 minutes time. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that I got a different message about the password. In Dutch of course, and it stated 'Geef het wachtwoord van Pioneer in om door te gaan met de update. Druk op annuleren om update te stoppen'. I was offered 3 options 'Yes'
  4. @spoon1 Ah, that's right, I understand, I forgot for a moment that you already had the 2019 maps for some time... Thx for reminding us. Great that you shared the other detailed info, that will surely help others (including myself :-)) ) as well. I wil descibe the process on my end as well (AVIC-F930BT, hence a "MY2011" device) when I get to that and share it here. Take care.
  5. @godzilla Thanks for sharing, I've already downloaded the files and need to follow up and test it on my father's AVIC-F930BT in the next couple of days. I'll let you guys know the results and create a document with some instructions and screenshots while I'm at it. Before that, I'll have to revisit and carefully read all the instructions and info on the RonS hack method for the CARDINFO file, but I'm sure I'll manage to do that. @spoon1 Thx as well. I'll check out your info and locate/use your guide on doing this as well. Do I read from your message that you also successfully used the
  6. That's great news God, thanks for the quick response. I'll personally be able to download/execute/experiment/test myself somewhere in the forthcoming weekend(s) with the AVIC-F930BT device of my father. I'll post the results once that has been completed so that all will benefit. Meanwhile take care, we'll get this thing going together....
  7. @intranetten Thanks for your donation to this project. It all may have taken more time than expected, but I personally am still confident that Godzilla will deliver as promised. @Corvus This thread is very much alive and kicking, we're merely waiting for the 2019 map to arrive at Godzilla @godzilla Any clues on the status of the shipment ? May I suggest contacting HERE NL, and signalling that the package has still not arrived, and presumably is 'missing in action'. You've waited for 4 weeks now to no avail; I think it would be more than fair for them to check the delivery status a
  8. Thanks for the status update Godzilla, I have recently had the same experience with orders to be shipped from Amazon UK to NL (packages arriving up to almost 4 weeks late, and even a package not arriving at all, for which I received a refund last week since also amazon.co.uk now considers it 'missing in action'....). Bottom line is that COVID-19 affects everything we do. The virus is completely indifferent to your background, location, religion and also how much money you own, so we're literally all in the same boat, and we'll simply have to wait it out and hope for the best... Anyw
  9. Thats clear and no secret. Please don't forget that this is how Godzilla introduced himself at the start of this thread. Also, there's nothing against having a business to make a living and combining that with forum activities to help out others. Again, let's wait a bit more (eg one week from now) to allow Godzilla to get back in touch, given the fact that spoon1 has offered his help (I am also prepared to help out with testing/making instructions etc). Depending on that we can determine the steps to further progress and complete this project I see the following options currently:
  10. @spoon1: I agree, let's wait some more days for Godzilla to contact us for updates, and then take action accordingly depending on the outcome. Thanks for being on top of this issue as well and providing your assistance. In the end, you're just trying to help out the community as well. @godzilla: Can you please provide a 'sign of life'. I'm sure all will understand your situation, as long as you provide a quick status update about what's going on currently. Thanks !
  11. @spoon1 Thanks for your quick response and info ! It sounds more than logical and reasonable to me that you get compensated for your costs and efforts to make this work by the community. It will also save Godzilla a bunch of work and will bring him 'into the shades and out of the sun' and have him concentrate on revalidation after the operation, which sounds better than having to focus on non-health threatening things like the latest Pioneer maps that we're all after here .... @godzilla Does this sound like a sensible plan to you as well ? Can you please let us kno
  12. Welcome to this forum rjs. Please refer to the discussion between Rons and spoon1 dating back from 7/10/2019. There was some "unfinished business" there if I recall this correctly: spoon1 has indicated that he owned both the F40BG and an F10BT, and that he got the 2019 maps working on at least the first, but he hasn't confirmed back whether the same applied to the F10BT, as far as I can judge at least... @spoon1 : Can you please let us know whether or not you were successfull in using (one of) the cardinfo files that RonS provided on 7/10/2019 for the F10BT to get the 2019 maps worki
  13. Hi Godzilla, hi All, Quick intro: I am completely new on this site, but I was happy to have found this forum thread. I am helping out my 76-year old father with an outdated (2010/2011 maps/fw) AVIC-F930BT. In addition to that, in my own car I use an AVIC-F88DAB (great device as well, it includes 'lifetime' maps) I also found and downloaded the 2017-map/fw update and RonS' instructions on the Shortfuse hack method, and will give that a try and share my experiences. Then, I am highly interested as well in the 2019 map version. As such, and in order to appreciate your 'blood,
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