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  1. i have the same problem. i tried to change sdcard with dump of the old sdcard => KO I try to connect by uart. i can't read some information but it hang at "read snapshot 08000..." i don't know what i can do
  2. Hello, i have trouble with my avic-f860bt When boot and after few times with saying 'reading....", i have a error message "update failed" I try different usb key with different version firmware (1.08 1.115, 1.21), the same thing happen i can see at one moment, beforce this screen, an another screen who say "Version 1.15 => 1.21" and one line at the top : "0%" and after "-1%" When it was at 1.08 version, i could enter test mode avec check the sdcard with success. i backup card and change mode to read with my pc ans upgrade with win32diskimager The sdcard seem to be ok.
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