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  1. If anyone has an AVH-W4500 image, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I am figuring my error is most likely caused by me. I'm on a mac and have to use Balena instead of win32. Initially when I put it in the radio did boot up but the touch screen wouldn't work and when I looked up CarPlay or bluetooth on my phone it came up as AVIC-W8400. I think I'll give it another go with a different SD card.
  3. I tried imaging this, but my pioneer unit said this was an AVIC-W8400 software image. Is there anyway you or anyone can DM me either a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX or a AVH-W4400NEX image file please? I have the former, but the 4400 should work as well.
  4. Hi everyone, My pioneer had the infamous software error message a couple days ago and I’m looking for an image file for it. I have the pioneers AVH-W4500NEX but a 4400 image file should work fine as well. If anyone has either of those, can you please send me a link in my messages?
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