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  1. Avh 4200 software error

    Hi all, I got an avh4200 , few weeks ago I got the bootloop,so i bought a lexar 633x class 10 sd card, and flashed the firmware to it , put everything back and all was good, a weeks later it happened again but this time I got the software error screen, I talked to the guy who sold me the files on eBay, he told me that I needed a transcend 600x MLC card and that the radio is really picky about what card u put in it, is it true ?? I just don't want to put everything back together and it fails me again in a week...I have a 06 Acura TL and it's a pain in the ass to get to the radio Maybe u guys can tell me what card type/brand u put in ur radio and how much time it worked after Thanks
  2. software error screen

    Hi, I've had the bootloop happen to me last week Avh 4200 , I bought the image on eBay flashed it to a new quality card, and today I got the software error...now I need to do it again but I'm not sure about using the same files that I bought, would anyone here be generous enough to send me a copy of their IMG for a us/can version of the AVH 4200 Nex, thanks