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  1. YES. That is exactly what happens with both the + - buttons on the screen and the steering wheel buttons. It is the same as far as I can tell with the naked eye and ear. I would not know how to begin measuring the milliseconds. What you're describing seems on point. So I guess the knob won't make the pioneer respond quicker then. That's okay, as long as I can grab and twist instead of tap tap tapping my fingers. (Sorry to split the convo into two forums lol)
  2. This is so great, IvanRaide, well done. I want to do this for my DMH W4660NEX. I miss the volume knob so much. I already have steering wheel volume buttons connected through the iDatalink Maestro adapter thing, but they are slow to respond. iDatalink says if you have their adapter, you shouldn't have anything in the W / R port. But I called them and they clarified they are referring to stuff that should not be there, not stuff like your volume knob which talks to the unit and works. Which makes me think maybe I COULD HAVE BOTH. muahahahaaha But I am not very electrically savvy. Do you think I'd be able to do what you did if I have the willpower without as much brains?