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  1. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    First time poster here. I created an account just so I could say thanks to @misterwoofwoof for the 2013 firmware download and instructions, and to everyone commenting in this thread with helpful tips. My Bluetooth on my X920BT started acting weird a couple years ago. It would only occasionally pair with my phone (which was oddly more infuriating than the Bluetooth being completely non-functional). For pretty much all of 2020, I've had the same CD in there that I've been listening to over and over. I finally decided to Google the problem (why didn't I do that sooner??) and stumbled onto this thread. I had to order a microSD card solely to do the update, but it was worth it. The update went as smoothly as possible. I copied the FIRMWARE folder, Update folder, and CARDINFO.cif file from the download onto my microSD card (extracting it took maybe 5 minutes or so). I turned my car on, slipped in the microSD, and the head unit instantly recognized it and asked if I wanted to update. The main update took maybe 25 minutes, and the separate Bluetooth update took maybe 10 minutes. Note that after the main update, when I tried to go to Bluetooth Settings to do that update, Bluetooth Settings was grayed out. However, after about 1 minute, the settings became active. I'm so happy I can once again pipe music and Google Maps through my car speakers. Thanks so much, everyone!