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  1. Can the MAP DVD be replaced with a SSD Drive?

    Did you ever do this?
  2. Latest maps

    Anyone have a link for the latest dvd's? I think 2014 was the last year ( i could be wrong) that i bought discs.
  3. 2008 map discs

    Anyone heard anything or have "inside" info on if and when the new discs are coming out? it's pretty bad that my house and street are unviewable on my GPS. Oh well.... Thanks for any feedback.

    Man this bypass looks so easy and to the point. The one thing that everyone forgot to take into consideration, is that not everyone is using the standard wire harness that comes with the avic-d3. Some of us must use a aftermarket harness in order to install. For example.... a 2002 highlander does not have the same connections that came in the box. Therefor had to purchase a harness kit which does not have the same color wires and or "free" slots. So i guess my question is... has anyone used the bypass on a harness other than the provided one.? Which once again look so easy to do if the provided wires are there. Anyways... Thanks for any reply that is helpful.
  5. voice guide

    Question: Is there a way to change the voice used on the voice guide nav? Just thought it would be cool to have differnt voices.
  6. Latitude or Longitude searches

  7. Latitude or Longitude searches

    Just got the acic-d3 a week ago. I love it . Got the bypass setup and everything. Anyone know how to enter in lat and long coordinates ? I do geocaching alot and thought it would be not to have to look at my handheld .