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  1. I am having the same problem.  I guess that means we have to purchase a new unit.
  2. My AVIC D2 is having problems reading DVD's. especially on cold mornings. I was wondering if I could change the DVD drive out with a 32gb SSD Drive, extract the DVD contents to the SSD and load the MAP from it? I have several 2.5" SSD drives with SATA interfaces, I can convert the interface to and IDE as well. but I am not sure what the DVD uses for the DATA ? Could this Work?
  3. avic d1 dvd

    You can't.. You need an external DVD player to play movies. the DVD inthe D1/D2 is the OS and without it the unit is blank. I picked up a cheap car DVD player and pluged it into the Video input plug
  4. Try here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/2423-new-java-pim-converter/page__p__16895#entry16895
  5. AVIC D1 Screen Issues

    I have the same issue, the screen touch points are skewed left and right of the object you are trying to touch. anyone have better ideas than sending it in,
  6. Custom Background Gallery

    Yes The Chroma Color is nice :D
  7. Custom Background Gallery

    I Think the SCSI Card is the only way, Load the DVD on a PC and see if the images are in a folder caled BG and you should see files like JPG or PIM, if so then you can reburn the DVD with new images on it.
  8. Custom Background Gallery

    YOU GOT IT, Layer all images and make them transarent, plus add some color like blue. Easy Keep all the layers active and floating, then when they are to your liking, Flatten the image. The skyline03.jpg image was layers of several images not transparent and a couple that were semi transparent over the same image, this adds depth. GOOD JOB !! It's a great way to add flare
  9. Honda element factory sub woofer

    I did it in a Honda Ridgeline. The Factory Subwoofer needs an amp number one, Problem is that Honda uses a 2.5 ohm Sub, so the amp you use must support this resistance. I used an Alpine 7340 (no longer made) it supports 2 ohm, I then connected the AMP to the factory wireing. Works fine.
  10. Custom Background Gallery

    Oh and I thought this one would look good as a Sig Picture....
  11. Custom Background Gallery

    I went to your web space and downloaded a couple of pics that I thought looked good, here is the result.
  12. Custom Background Gallery

    [quote name="BobyYoo"]you the man thanks you so much[/quote] Tell me what you think of them, I only spent 25 min on them, If you send me better pictures I maybe able to give create better ones. The Blue ones seem to work better on the AVIC-N and D Models. The Z1 works with all colors with no problem 2K05GT@comcast.net [url=http://www.wieduwilt.us/Mustang]www.wieduwilt.us/Mustang[/url]
  13. Custom Background Gallery

    Those Pictures are too dark, I can't do much with them, But here is my attempt.
  14. Custom Background Gallery

    I made a few for a friend that has a Ridgeline, he is a little Rock and Roll :wink: so I created these to his 60-70's rock style
  15. Custom Background Gallery

    [quote name="tweekz"]Hi guys my name as Tami and I own a siverstone 350Z. Do you have one for my car. My Z1 is being installed on tuesday.[/quote] Tami, As Jason Stated, the Image size is large, so I am posting a D1-D2 version here and If you like one of them to you, ok. if you send me some ideas or colors you like I can make one more to your style. I just made these from images around the web.