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  1. Excuse my ignorance, I'm new here. I have a W4400 that I've used without issue for 2 years, and after upgrading from an iPhone X to a 12 Pro, I'm experiencing the same issue described here. I've tried every combination of removing/reconnecting I can think of, "factory reset" the unit via menu and pinhole, and even unplugged it completely and let it sit for 2 hours, and the stuck device "Brad's iPhone (2)" still appears when I try to connect, along with a radio station thumbnail that was somehow associated with the wrong radio station - evidence that the unit is not fully factory resetting.
  2. I just upgraded (on Friday) to an iPhone 12 Pro and now I'm having this exact issue with my 4400NEX as well. It worked fine 90% of the time with my iPhone X. I've tried the menu reset and the paperclip 20 second reset, and neither of them seems to completely wipe the unit since I still see the name of my old iPhone on the connection screen. I've also never had luck with upgrading the firmware on my unit - it puts me through hell thinking I've bricked my $600 head unit and then reboots with the same v1.0 firmware. I called Pioneer and she said they had no knowledge of an issue and to
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