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  1. Hey, so I got the sd card for my avh w4500nex from Russia. Again, I had 2 of these radios, one crapped out but the other worked. So I have a WORKING SD CARD for a AVH W4500 NEX. I will mail it to you, only one condition, It needs to be one of the people that can get this image out to the rest that need it. I don't have a clue how to get it able to backup. I tried the instructions, couldn't get it to do anything with the test files and all that. Maybe I wasn't holding my tongue right or something. I will hold on to it. Maybe someone will respond. Send me a message.
  2. So, I said screw it. Ordered the avh2avic for the avh-w4500nex from the russian seller. Supposed to get them in 2 to 6 weeks. When I do, I will mail someone this card that does work. As long as they make the image available for others to use so they can fix their 4500's. Any takers? But only after I get the new cards and make sure they work.
  3. I got nowhere. downloaded norflash, extracted to usb that was formatted in fat-32, blah blah. I couldn't get it to "reboot into Technical TestMode" I used a couple different usb drives, usb2, usb3, 8, 16, 32gb. formatted in both fat32 and ntfs. screwed around for over an hour, back and forth. now what?
  4. Blah blah blah. I'm going to start with "damned you Pioneer" Anyways, so, I found this because I have 2 of these damned radios. BUT ONE WORKS. This might be a boon. I got 2 of them in oct '19. I wanted one for my wrangler since it's a hard top/soft top/no top sometimes and I wanted the detachable faceplate. Anyways, I liked it so much, I bought a second for my grand cherokee. Yesterday It locked up. I popped the faceplate since I couldn't power it off and I was driving I couldn't cycle the ignition. And when I put it back on, It was boot looping, with a weird white screen or static/pixilated
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