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  1. Hi RonS, thanks for your courtesy. I went in "testmode", but the menĂ¹ is different (probably is different for F840BT model). I find a similar item at #33 as you can see in attached photo; unfortunately, however, I cannot understand the meaning of the output.
  2. Hi RonS, thanks for your quick reply. I followed your suggest, but in USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY there is no file...
  3. Thanks Rons, you are right: the screen shots are in wong order. When I inserted the SD for the first time, I get the received the error copy message; then I removed the line with the copy command and the output was the other screen shot. I am trying to remove the password file because, as I writed in another post, I am not able to change the settings of the device and I think this happened because the previous owner of the car entered the wrong password more than three times and, from what I seem to understand, when this happens the system goes in anti-theft block. I would like
  4. Hi guys, I tried with the script provided by Rons, but the result is in attach (fails). I also tried to remove the copy command but it fails again. Do you have any suggestions?
  5. Hi guys, the automotive electrician says the system is locked because the wrong password has been entered more than three times and therefore the system is under protection. He reports that it is necessary to contact Pioneer support. Is it really necessary or is there a way to unlock the device? Thanks
  6. Thanks Rons for your replay, but I definitely engaged the parking brake, but the problem remained. I was hoping that someone who has the same car could help me to understand where to check the correct connection of the sensor.
  7. Hi guys, I recently bought a second hand Hyundai i20 Sound Edition. The machine is equipped with an AVIC-F840BT as standard. The device seems to work normally (gps or radio functions normally), but it is not possible to change any settings (for example, devices cannot be associated with bluetooth) and even trying to reset the device, it is not possible to enter the password because the keyboard is disabled. Anyone have any idea how changes can be enabled? Thanks.
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